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  1. Hosting React Applications Using AWS Amplify

  2. So you accidentally deleted your deployment bucket ... ?

  3. AWS Amplify Resources

  4. Using AWS Amplify to add Authentication to a React App

  5. Customizing the AWS Amplify Components

  6. Running a Java Application as a Service

  7. Debugging SpringBoot Application In IntelliJ Idea CE

  8. Accessing a RDS Database Locally

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    Elastic Beanstalk (EB) is a Platform As A Service from AWS that allows you to easily deploy applications without having to worry about setting up the base infrastructure, such as HTTP servers, or load balancers. One of the benefits of EB is that is allows us to create a database on RDS when creating a new application, making the entire deployment of an application much easier.

  9. Creating A Custom Login Page With AWS Amplify

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    In this article, I'm going to show how to develop custom security around a page and how to protect it with a custom logon page. I'm going to be using React throughout and concentrating on the code and code flow rather than making the UI look nice (i.e., there's no CSS!).

  10. Connecting to an AWS MySQL RDS using a Bastion Host

    A picture of a bastion tower

    In this article, I’m going to show how to use a Bastion host which does not need us to expose the database access port (port 3306 in the case of MySQL) to the internet.

  11. Configuring Cache Control for S3 Hosted Resources

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    When doing web development, one of the most important aspects is to get a site performing well with SEO. One contributing factor to this, is effective resource caching. In this article, I'm going to show how to achieve this when resources are stored within a S3 bucket.