NetBeans IDE 8 Cookbook is released

NetBeans IDE 8 Cookbook

I’m pleased to announce that my NetBeans 8 Cookbook has been released by Packt Publishing.  You can get full details of the book on Packt’s web site at

The book contains 12 chapters each consisting of a number of recipes detailing how to perform different types of tasks within NetBeans.  The 12 chapters of the book are:





  1. Using NetBeans Projects
  2. Java Development with NetBeans
  3. NetBeans Productivity
  4. Developing Desktop Applications with NetBeans
  5. NetBeans Enterprise Application Development
  6. Managing Databases with NetBeans
  7. NetBeans JavaFX
  8. NetBeans Mobile Development
  9. Version Control
  10. NetBeans Testing and Profiling
  11. Using External Web Services
  12. Extending NetBeans

Chapter 11 – Using External Services is available from free from Packt Publishing’s web site where you can also buy the book as either an eBook or in print format.


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Announcing NetBeans IDE 8 Cookbook

NetBeans IDE 8 Cookbook I’m proud that Packt Publishing have announced my latest book – NetBeans IDE 8 Cookbook.

We’re expecting that the book will be available in November this year, however you can now make pre-orders for the book in either print or e-book format.

The book is an easy-to-follow, recipe-based guide to using NetBeans for Java development. Each recipe is designed to help you maximize your producitvity while using NetBeans. Tips provide real-world advice in conjunction with the recipes’ explanations.

For more information on the book, check out Packt’s details page.

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Bootstrap CDN Plugin for NetBeans Release 1.1.0

I’ve just released version 1.1.0 of the Bootstrap CDN Support Plugin for NetBeans 8.

The Bootstrap CDN plugin allows you to easily add references to the Bootstrap CSS and JS files hosted at the Bootstrap CDN directly from within NetBeans.

Version 1.1.0 of the plugin allows you to choose the version of the files to references (all releases from v3.0.0 onwards) plus allows you to choose whether to references the CSS, the JS or both in your web pages.

The plugin can be downloaded from github
where the source code can also be found.

If you find the plugin useful, or you find any bugs, please let me know either as a github issue or in a comment to this post.

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Rapid Bootstrap CDN Support in NetBeans

I’ve just published a NetBeans 8 plugin that allows developers to quickly add links to Bootstrap CSS (hosted by into their .xhtml files.

Once installed, the plugin is appears on the “Insert Code…” dialog within .xhtml files.

Selecting the “Bootstrap CDN…” option causes the Bootstrap version selector dialog to be displayed.
Select a version of Boostrap CSS to be linked to and press the “OK” button and a link will be added into the file, e.g.
<link href="//"

The .NBM can be downloaded from GitHub along with the full source code.

Let me know if you find this useful or if you find any bugs in the plugin.

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Unable to start WildFly from NetBeans ?

NetBeans 8 provides native support for WildFly 8. Sometimes however, WildFly can fail to start from within NetBeans. In these instances, the following error is displayed within the NetBeans “WildFly Application Server” output window.

Calling "C:DevToolswildfly-8.0.0.Finalbinstandalone.conf.bat"
| was unexpected at this time.

This error has been reported as NetBeans error 242661. To get around the problem, bring up the server properties for WildFly (right click on WildFly in the services tab and choose Properties).  On the platform tab, uncheck the “Use IDE Proxy Settings” option and then restart NetBeans.

You should now be able to start/stop WildFly directly from within NetBeans.

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